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BINGO! :The Documentary

Bingo! is a ninety minute, color, 16mm documentary tracing the history and evolution, the culture and the players, of the game that the Catholic church brought to the mainstream. America's most favored form of legalized gambling, Bingo!

Directed and conceptualized by American filmmaker John Jeffcoat, the documentary seeks to explore the murky yet placid world of bingo. With over 40 hours of footage that has been shot from renovated halls, upscale bingo rooms, gay bars, etc., he has successfully exposed the unseen underbelly of bingo- the kitsch and often eccentric lives of its players.

In America, there exists a strong subculture associated with bingo. Although the popular image is that of blue haired grannies playing the game, the reality is quite different. He found that a large number of habitual bingo players are broke- and living on welfare. For them, bingo is less a form of evening entertainment and more to do with desperately making ends meet.

Through an incredible journey, the filmmaker aims to explore the minds of what motivates them to return to the bingo hall, over and over. Perhaps loneliness, perhaps the works.

The phrase “the eagle shits on the first” was born from this documentary. This refers to the phenomenon where on receiving their welfare cheques on the first day of the month, bingo halls are packed with people looking to win just enough money to limp through the month. Although they do not usually win, much like gamblers the hope of one big win draws them back to bingo halls.

However, this is just one aspect of the variety of players. Many players are just lonely and flock to bingo halls to seek company, as the documentary discovered. The face of bingo may be changing, but the majority of it's players still fit into the "of-a-certain-age" category and Jeffcoat found them to be dedicated, cliquish, addicted and protective of their chance to shine in the spotlight. A bingo neophyte, accidentally picking someone's lucky chair to sit in for the evening, can find themselves the recipient of the evil eye (some of these players have had the same chair everyday for thirty years). Most players can afford to play and look down on those who desperately use the game to try to make the monthly rent. The friendships you acquire at Bingo are friends, they don't usually leave the bingo halls. The two worlds stay very separate.

However, comparing Jeffcoat’s film to today’s crop of online bingo players is entirely different. The new set of players are internet savvy and younger. For them, it is more entertainment and socializing than a cure for money and loneliness. One of the popular online bingo sites right now is Bucky Bingo and you can read the updated Bucky bingo review here.

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