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The Slot Machine Tips Most Casinos Don't Want You to Know

The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and, while there is a myth out there that suggests “the house always wins” – that certainly isn’t the case. How many casinos out there quickly go out of business because players take them for all they’ve got? Of course, casinos certainly have the advantage over players but believe it or not, there are many tips out there that the casinos don’t want players to know, as it gives them more of an advantage. Here are some of those tips.

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Max Betting is the Way Forward

This is far from a recommended tip but it’s one that has given players a chance to walk away with more money. Max betting can range from $500 or more per spin, so it’s definitely not always affordable. However, it’s those bets that give players the chance to activate the jackpot bonuses and the many other in-game bonuses provided. Those playing on $0.10-$0.20 per spin don’t necessarily have access to such bonuses. So, if you’re feeling confident and you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is, max betting is the way forward.

Classic Reels Pay More

This isn’t a fact, but it’s common sense and something worth considering. Those flashy slots that are entertaining to play because of the more appealing sounds and graphics cost casinos more money to run than those ugly classic slots, so why would they want to pay out more money for something that’s costing them more? You can play slot casino in New Jersey for all those classic reels if you fancy your chances.

Being Disciplined Will Win You More

Winning money on online slot games is all about being disciplined. It’s about sticking to a bankroll and a specific strategy. If your strategy isn’t working, walk away and play another slot or don’t continue playing at all. It’s all about keeping your bank level but withdrawing your winnings quickly before you go ahead and lose your bank altogether. Find a strategy that compliments your bankroll but, more importantly, always stick to your staking strategy and never leave it. Those who bet more to win more just to chase their losses will ultimately walk away with nothing.

Always Play Wisely

This tip also falls into the discipline tip but it’s one worth treasuring. Casinos will always offer you different pay lines and spin stake amounts to meet your bank. However, if you’re wise about it, you can still play on all pay lines for the bare minimum (even if that doesn’t activate all the bonuses). The fact is, all casinos legally have to state the percentage they are paying out to players on average per spin (usually this is 90% or above). So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be playing on all lines available, even if it’s just the one cent per line.

The above tips are common sense, but you’ll constantly see players losing their discipline and quickly lose their starting bank. If you’re looking to walk away with more money and gain a serious advantage over the online and offline casinos, take in the above tips with open arms and you will stand a much better chance of winning the jackpots.

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